• Settlers of Indiana

    Settlers of Indiana

    Good morning, Internet. I am currently typing this from a sweet lake-side house somewhere in Indiana, but more on that later. We made our way from Cincinnati to where some friends and co-workers live in Goshen, Indiana on Wednesday. Unfortunately, there is no way to get from Cincinnati to Goshen without driving through the middle…

  • Boats and Tigers

    Boats and Tigers

    The past couple of days have been busy, so sorry for the lack of update. Monday morning we departed from Columbus and made our way through corn-filled Ohio. Our destination was my uncle’s house in Cincinnati, with a stop at Golden Coral for lunch. I haven’t seen my uncle’s family since they moved out of…

  • Goblin vs. Platypus

    Goblin vs. Platypus

    Hello again, Internet. We’re on our way out of Columbus, finally. This is one city that I hope never to have to go back to. It is dirty, the roads are always under construction, and I got approached by more hookers than I ever have in Daytona. (The bad kind of Hooker, not like my…

  • Delivering Tofu

    Delivering Tofu

    Greetings, Internet! We finally left Daytona around 4AM Friday morning, after Tim finished some last minute preparations.  The trip from Florida to North Carolina was uneventful, with me sleeping for a large portion of the time. The roads are flat and the people are boring. This all changed when we hit Virginia though.

  • From Batman to Columbus

    From Batman to Columbus

    For those of you who haven’t read my “About Me” yet (and you should), my name is Spork. I’m going to be taking the most epic of road trips with my buddy Tim, and wanted a place to document everything. So here’s a blog.